Ever just get to the point where you’ve tried everything and you’re pulling your hair out and you don’t know what else to do? It’s not that you can see the answer and can’t get there from here, it’s not that you aren’t willing to do whatever it takes, it’s just that nothing has worked and nothing seems to be able to resolve the issue and when all is said and sifted there’s nothing left except that you’re still stuck in the same dang place!  And by sorting and sifting I mean having gone through every single thing your little brain can think of and everyone else’s little and not so little brains and every illogical possibility including throwing spaghetti against the wall just to see if it really will stick. (Don’t over cook it or it will just be a gloopy mess)

That’s when Sherlock Holmes becomes a spiritual influence.  “Whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”  Our logic, our previous experiences, all the pundits and the wisdom keepers, or elders and the so called experts can actually get in the way of what our soul is trying to tell us.  Sometimes it really is time to stop trying to figure it out and just going with it.  Doesn’t matter about deadlines or consequences or responsibilities.  Believe it or not, those are all factored into the equation, just probably not the way we’re thinking about it which is one of difficulties.  Sometimes things which seem completely backwards, contrary to our goal, opposite of our nature, and taking us in the wrong direction are actually sign posts from our soul that says “over here my dear Watson.”

That doesn’t mean what we’re guided to is fun or colorful or full of frolicking.  It could be and that would be awesome!  But sometimes it’s hard or difficult or confusing, but it will get us where we’re supposed to be and moving towards who we want to be.  So while being frustrated to the point of madness is never fun or a destination we should strive for, it can be the catalyst for resolution and forward movement on our path.  Silver lining anyone?