What’s exciting about this year is the mix of practical with emotions.  If we choose to let go of the old narratives we’ve been living we can use what we gained and what we learned in 2014 to move forward in the life we want to have.  In fact, the great thing about a goat year is that we can trust ourselves and move forward without all the worrying and planning and risk/benefit analysis.  Our brains can be our worst enemy if they are allowed to lead.  Sometimes we just need to let ourselves do what we know needs to get done and “tadah!”

Or in other words, while our brains are thinking up all kinds of reasons why we shouldn’t do a thing, that it isn’t good for us, that it would be bad because of xyz…we can already have it done and be moving onto the next thing.  Then the brain can do what it’s best at, collate the data and make meaning out of it.  While it’s saying “I did what?” we can be building the next stage of our dream.

Yes, we should be practical and logical about life.  But that doesn’t mean we need to us linear logic from our constantly negative Nelly left brain.  Our bodies and our emotional self have logic too.  The more we trust it the more our lives get on track and our dreams become a reality.  Goat year is all about bringing dreams into the here and now.  So let’s get started.