“I don’t know what I want.”  We’ve all felt that way at some point in our lives, probably more than once.  We’re hungry but we don’t know what for.  We’re bored, but every suggestion we and anyone else comes up with just isn’t right.  We want to be doing something that means something, but we don’t know what it is.  It frustrating because we have the will to do whatever it is we need to get our needs met, but we can’t figure out what it is.

And that’s usually the answer.  We’re trying to figure it out, which means we’re using our logical left brain and it’s exactly the wrong tool to get this done.  The thinking left brain rarely has any ability to problem solve the feelings of the heart and the soul.  That kind of problem solving comes from the body and from the right brain.  It comes from being expansive and without borders, connecting to what is possible and letting limitless possibilities flood us, letting our body and our heart guide our actions and leaving logic behind.  The logical mind can only work with the facts and figures and cause/effect that it sees in front of it.  It doesn’t create from scratch, it crafts from what is.  So in creative projects it’s not helpful until it comes to practical application.

So to resolve the issue of not feeling fulfilled, the answer is both within and without.  The only way to find out what is actually desired is to go within and feel it.  Feel the feelings, go with the inspiration, allow yourself to do whatever comes to mind without censoring it or trying to figure out why.  At the same time go outside the box.  Insanity being defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting the same result, start doing different things.  Explore activities you’ve never tried before to see if you like them.  You may or may not and you might meet people you like and want to connect with regardless.  Take a class in something, audit several, start cruising YouTube videos for ideas.  Try and art project just because it would be fun.

Dig back into things you wanted to do as a child.  Now recognize that as an adult you can make those things happen for yourself.  You are the best parent ever and parenting your inner child will unlock treasure troves of self and happiness you didn’t realize was in there.  Be inspired to reconnect with who you wanted to be and make it happen.  Wanted to be a fireman, go tour your local firehouse.  Wanted to be a dancer, check out the 70 and 80 year olds who are doing it and even becoming professional, then get over your “I can’ts because” and go to a class.  Try glass blowing or a martial art or a college course in marine biology just because.  You can’t know if you’ll like it or be good at it until you try.  And since nothing else has been the right answer so far and you’re unhappy and bored and possibly miserable, thinks pretty much can’t get worse.

So if you’re 95% likely to enjoy something new, no matter what it is, to learn something about yourself, and to meet people you might actually like and who might like you, what’s holding you back from picking something new to do this week?  Why not stop for a moment today, go inside yourself, and ask.  🙂