The amazing Joni Lerner ( @jonicaldwelllerner) interviewed me for her podcast Spiritual Aliveness with Joni It’s a bit over an hour (we were having too much fun), but you can give it a listen here: Teri Uktena: Explore the Akashics, Soul Readings, Learn how to “Cut the Cords” to Negative Energy, Using the Akashics to Create a Better Life, Truth is Transformational, Tap Into What Your Soul is Trying to Tell You

“…the question is are you ready to be who you are actually meant to be?” Teri Uktena believes truth is transformational and accessing your Soul through Akashics readings helps you heal and strengthen your connection to your life’s purpose. She gives us tips on how to develop the muscle of energy protection as well as how to be a spiritual being first and still work and have a family. She talks about Chakras as energy balls and how we store emotions there as well as the science behind her work.