If you were a deity, which one would you be and why?  Would you be one because of their specific X-men type powers and what you could do with them, seemingly without consequences?  Would you choose one because you want more of what they represent in your life?  Would you be Nordic, Native American, or Hindu?  Would you be ancient Greek or Roman?  Would you be one of the many from South America, from Ireland, from Germany, from the ancient peoples of Brittain before the conquests?

Who would you be?  And beyond the fun stories and Freudian/Jungian analysis that can be made with all of that, what would it actually, practically be like?  What would be be like to actually be Green Tara?  Sitting, forever available to everyone at all times, actively loving the world, while actively being Peace and taking no action that would be contrary to those two principals, while forever sitting, what would that be like?

If you want, sit still for a moment and imaging the deity you have chosen, all aspects of who they are and what they represent, then try to imagine what that would feel like, look like, be like.  If you get in touch with that even a little you have been blessed.