We hear a lot about stuffing emotions, comforting ourselves with food, distracting ourselves with entertainment, but people rarely think about being productive or being busy with important and constructive things as a means of avoidance.  In fact, we should be doing things, moving forward, creating our best life, making progress, getting things done, fulfilling our purpose…right?  These are all positive things which we are here to do.  Emotions get in the way, they slow us down, break up our rhythm, delay us from the schedule we’ve set and just don’t fit in with what they need to do.  They burden those around us, make us unavailable to meet other’s needs, they are messy and undisciplined, they don’t respect boundaries or the social niceties of situations, they don’t understand the importance of what is going on right now and take up time we need to be doing other things.

With all of that you would think emotions were some hot potato or kryptonite or nuclear material that could destroy us all.  Or maybe they are some wild animal that can’t be tamed and we need to protect ourselves from them.  I mean, there are domesticated emotions, right?  Happiness, gentle laughter, bemusement, affection, and amusement, perhaps even anticipation.  These don’t seem to be house broken and behave well in society, but the others, they disrupt things and can get us into all kinds of sticky situations.  What to do?

Oh wait, emotions aren’t something other that inhabits us.  They aren’t something to avoid; they are us.  They aren’t an alien invasion, they are the truth.  They are who we are in the moment, our soul speaking to us about what is going on around us and within us.  They are the means to insights into our core nature, answers to the problems we have struggled to resolve with no success, the healing we have sought through every other means, the advocate that acknowledges our truth, and voice the Universe is waiting to hear.

Our emotions are just as important to our well-being and our path on this earth as all of the productivity and business we can get up to.  So if our lives are too busy to take a time out and feel what is going on for us right now, then something is out of balance.  The question is, what are we hiding from?