Although we don’t control the Universe, we don’t make the world around us, and we don’t live at the center of everything, we do create a bit of our own reality through how we think and what we believe.  Because how we interact with the world around us is based on our thoughts and beliefs as well as our feelings and desires.  And the world around us reacts to our actions.  Cause and affect and alla that.  So our thoughts and beliefs do effect the world around us by effecting us.  Unless you are not materially in this world, but if that’s the case, then how are you reading this blog entry?  Just sayin’.  🙂

So with that in mind, it is just bad luck that you ‘always’ meet the wrong person, that you ‘always’ have difficulty with finances, that ‘all’ the risks you take fail, that there is ‘always’ someone at work that is out to get you, that you ‘never’ get to do anything fun, that you ‘never’ get the breaks and you ‘never’ reach your goals?  Possibly, but it’s highly unlikely.  As I said, you aren’t the center of the Universe and you don’t control everything so what we call Luck or what is usually a culmination of thousands of actions and decisions and occurences do happen either in your favor or not so much.  However, your thoughts and beliefs cause you to act in a certain way that can either enhance the good or the not so much.

If you believe that everyone is out to get you, that doesn’t mean you aren’t being watched, but it does mean that you will act as if everyone is watching you and this will keep you from perceiving interactions where that is not the case.  And it will cause those who are not in a watching mode to steer clear of you because, who wants to be around someone with a huge target on them?  If you truly believe that the only way to meet someone and have them want to be with you is to be helpless and needy so they can rescue you, then you will ignore anyone out there that is not a white knight because they ‘just don’t feel right’.  And they won’t be.  Although they may be a millionaire that has been waiting for you all their life, you’ll walk right past them, refuse to talk to them, and hit on someone who is sitting around in shiny armor feeding carrots to their charger.  And you may end up scooping poop and wondering why this always happens to you.

Look at the Luck that you have in your life.  If you have good luck, good for you.  Keep it up.  If you are having the same situation repeat, look, not at your actions, but at your assumptions.  What are your thoughts and beliefs around this particular issue beyond ‘I’m totally unlucky’?  What if you believed something completely different?  Can you imagine your life as it would look if you stopped missing out in that area and actually got what you wanted?  Feel what that would be like and change the thought pattern around it.  Then watch what happens.  It could change your luck.