When I’m not working with clients I’m creating new content from blog posts to the weekly teaching newsletter to class writing or book writing.  Wedged in there is the necessary business things that make a business go.  For the most part things run smoothly so there’s not a lot of paperwork or adjustment that needs to be done which is great because there is only one of me to go around and I need to breathe at some point. 🙂

This week is a bit different.  Instead of content creation I’m doing a review of everything from top to bottom starting with the question “Is it working?”  I’m not checking to see if things are broken because that’s something I check quite frequently.  I’m really looking to see if things are doing what I intend them to do.   If yes, then great,InaraShuttle if no then something needs to change.  Or things have changed so I need to change things. LOL  Life is hectic, there are a lot of moving pieces and we often need to set it and forget it in order to attend to the most pressing things right in front of us.  I’m like anyone else, I like what’s reliable, what’s got a few miles on it, but if you don’t maintain it the gorram buffer panel might come off. What I’m finding is not only were there some things which weren’t working and I needed to find solutions, there were solutions to be found and along the way I found new and exciting businessy stuff.  Nothing that would be obvious to the consumer, but exciting for me and good for the business.  So I’ve been busily investigating, implementing, adjusting, and planning, which is all good stuff. In fact I’ll have something new to roll out tomorrow, I hope.

This type of review isn’t just good for business.  It sounds silly, but reviewing aspects of our lives once in a while is actually a very good thing.  Habits and old grooves are comforting but can drift from supportive to stagnant if we aren’t paying attention.  Remember, the world keeps moving even if we stop and we’re not meant to stop.  In fact, if we take a look at our assumptions and presumptions, the habits that have become like gravity in being “just the way things are”, we might find that things aren’t actually working.  So if they aren’t working, what’s to be done?  Well the same as we did when we set them up, look for alternatives and solutions and improvements.  These can be as easy as slightly tweaking something, asking instead of assuming, making a question open ended instead of directed towards a goal. So that’s exciting, reenergizing aspects of your life, improving them and making them more and more effective than they were.  What is even more exciting is that in the looking we find new things to explore and become. Life opens when we open up to life.  So set aside some time to check “is it working?”  If it is, great.  If not, that’s even better. 🙂