It’s hard to ask for help. We’d rather do things ourselves because it’s easier, even if it isn’t better. Asking for help opens us up for criticism. It opens us up to “why?”, to other’s opinions. And when you need help you can feel vulnerable and the last thing you want to do is defend yourself from opinions or ‘why’ questions. This is especially true in situations where you need help to support yourself, like asking for rent money, going to an agency to get food to feed yourself or your family, trying to find the money to get the things your children need or that special something they way, trying to find a way to get into school so you can get the degree you need. It’s all scary and frustrating and just a difficult experience all the way around. Hopefully you find the help you need and that help is supportive and healthy so that you get more than just the goal you were striving for, you get affirmed as a human being. It does happen, trust me.

It can be even scarier to ask for help in achieving your dreams. Fundamental issues of survival are something everyone has, they are all pretty similar, everyone ‘gets it’ so while it’s a vulnerable space to be in, rarely is someone going to question why you need food or shelter. Asking for help with something that has such personal meaning to you, that supports who you are as a unique individual, that can be terrifying. It’s a huge risk. There is no one else like you in the entire universe. How is it possible that anyone else can even possibly understand? But those who have taken the leap of faith and survived will understand. It’s not just about being different, its about being authentic. Frightening but at the same time thrilling and amazing.

You can do it. Be the you that is inside you every day. Ask for the help you need. It will be a blessing not only to you, but to everyone around you.