You know, it’s the big catastrophic stuff we worry about, but it’s the little stuff that snows us under like death from a thousand cuts.  I don’t stay awake at night worrying about Occupy WallStreet and all the hundreds of Occupy groups that are out there, or the threat of Nuclear disaster, or the threat of the 1% making life unbearable.  I stay awake at night wondering when to buy the turkey so it will have enough time to thaw so it can be cooked on Christmas.  And will there be enough time to coordinate all the dishes that need to be baked because we’re having it at my friend’s house and this is her first Christmas as a home owner.  How many cooks can she fit into that kitchen anyway?  Plenty, I’m hoping.  Could be a great Christmas special.

And how about all those plans I made for today.  They included financial planning, work flow, and several appointments I need to keep with family and acquaintances.  They didn’t include someone bumping into my parked car in the parking lot and a call to my insurance company.  The person was nice enough to leave all their information and the parking attendant was there to see/hear it all.  But sheesh.  So my plans are still perking long but I seem to spend as much time altering my plans and being flexible as I do actually getting things done during my day. In the life of macro and micro, it’s going to be the micro that is the final straw.