Double Happiness…doesn’t mean the universe is telling you something.  It doesn’t mean you’re receiving a sign pointing you towards a profession or even as a way to make money.  Just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you have to do it for yourself or anyone else.  Just because you have a skill doesn’t make you available to anyone else for their needs or expectations or goals.

I have a number of clients who come to me very confused because they are able to do something well and they are able to get work in that area fairly easily, but it bores them, they hate it, it makes them so depressed they can’t function, but there must be some reason why they are able to do this and it keeps appearing in their life… Well, yeah, it keeps appearing because they keep doing it.  *sigh*  When I look at their records, the skills they are utilizing in one specific way apply to an array of professions, life paths, and goals all of which are listed prominently as opportunities or life paths. Of course the client is managing very adeptly to avoid applying their skills in those ways for a variety of reasons, mostly concerning self-worth.  For example, bookkeeping is a great skill to have, so is typing 100 words a minute, being good at customer service, having computer skills, being able to do hair, nails, auto mechanics, you name it.  Being good at them doesn’t mean they are that person’s path.  They may be great support for the life that will make that person happy if applied in a certain way, but if making them a profession is making that person miserable, then that’s a red flag showing really clearly what direction to stop going in.

Sometimes the skills we have are great in support of our main goals and sometimes they are part of the lesson we’re supposed to be learning this time around.  It may be that you’ve learned to be good at something from lifetime after lifetime and the point is not to be a hotshot at it now, but to learn to balance that with other things.  Sometimes it’s about work/life balance, sometimes it’s life/work balance, sometimes it’s about being present rather than out there building an empire, sometimes it’s about being less present so those you love can build their own.

So if being good at something isn’t the message than what is? Happiness.  If the way you’re applying that skill isn’t making you happy, if its making the one’s you love miserable, if it’s keeping you from having a good life, then it doesn’t matter how good you are at it.  Look towards what makes the world, for you and those you love, a good place to be in. Look towards what makes everyone equal, everyone empowered, everyone better, and that’s the path to take, whether you’re good at what it takes to get there or not.