You would think we had all run a marathon each day by the level of fatigue we’re exhibiting.  Sessions about the progression of Black Widow’s character from the 50’s comics through to Captain America’s Winter Soldier, the trope of the anti-hero in American TV and how dangerous it is outside of the Fantasy/Super Hero genre because people lose sight of the fact that those shows are just as contrived and constructed, the hope that the female hero would take root after Buffy and how little it has and, disturbingly, only with petite women given super powers of one kind or another, topped off with how leather pants = evil in the costuming tropes of TV shows.

And that’s just the prepared panels! Casual conversations between sessions and over Cthulhu-Christmas-Tree-2means include discussion the depressing trend of academics moving away or dismissing the epistemological study of TV/SciFi/Fantasy tropes and moving to something beyond the ontological or, rather, pre-ontological which is nearly impossible to do and, paradoxically, requires epistemology to discuss!  Which leads to a discussion of Cthulhu, Cthulhu plushies and why the are so stinking cute, how it’s impossible to do a Cthulhu movie since the point is that such ‘gods’ and ‘pre-gods’ are described as indescribable, and how the gods in Cabin in the Woods were supposed to be like that but were filmed as more Titans that anything else.

And yet we’re headed in for one more day.  Wish me luck…I’m going in….