What’s the one thing that you’ve always wanted to do or be and that you’ve never achieved?  There’s always something.  Something your heart desires and that would bring you great joy but, for whatever reason, you have never done/had/been.  So here’s a challenge:

Today find some way to do say or be that one thing.

Sounds easy, right?  Well, probably not.  If you haven’t gotten there I’m thinking there are one or two reasons why.  But with creativity, you can get a taste of what it would be like.

Here’s some examples:  Want to be a rocket scientist, goto your local Science Museum or Community College and talk with people about what it takes and get a tour of some of the things that rocket scientists do. Kid’s museums give you hands on experience with science projects that could get your juices flowing.  Perhaps it’s time to start taking the math and science courses that can get you started?  Check out the local college course catalogs.  Just window shopping like you’re going to do it can give you a boost.

Want to be a cop when you grow up?  Check with your local precinct to see what ride along programs are available.  Find out what community outreach programs are in your area and goto a couple of meetings.  The officers are there to talk with the public and you can pick their brain for what it takes.  Check into training programs in your area.

Want to be a dancer?  Scared of taking classes because you don’t want to look stupid?  Why not goto a dance studio and ask to audit a class or peak at classes in progress?  That way you can see that not everyone looks like a professional out there on stage, especially when they are first starting.  Ask the studio what class would be best for you. Or goto a dance supply store and look through all there is to offer.  Imagine what it would be like to have an actual reason to wear such things.  Or even have the right to. 🙂  Perhaps you can buy something there that you can have at home to inspire you.  Talk with staff about what it takes to be a dancer besides dancing, sweat, and sore feet.  Does the type of dancing you are drawn too need a lot of upper body strength?  Does it need huge amounts of flexibility?  Does need large capacity for cardio fitness?  Maybe it’s time to think of those old exercise tapes as a stepping stone to better things, not as a constant reminder of lameness.

Just for today, can you do just one thing that helps you experience what you truly desire?