I have a friend that’s amazing at this.  She just knows what she wants.  And she can tell you all about it.  All the details are in her head and they change from moment to moment and they sometimes conflict with each other and like a flock of peacocks they all vie for attention as the prettiest, best and most worthy of attention.  However that’s not where she actually knows what she wants. Where she knows it is in her heart and in her soul.  Which is what truly guides her in her choices and her actions.  Which is one of the many reasons why I find her brilliant and why she’s my friend.

Right now she’s on a mission to find this perfect thing.  It has to meet a bunch of criteria that are serious and practical including being of good value for the money, being right for her and her family to be, and being able to last a long time, as in years.  But she also knows that if it doesn’t make her absolutely happy, it’s not worth the effort and she’s not putting money on it.  Because in the end, it can be perfect and if it doesn’t make her happy, it’s not worth anything.

Now, something you don’t like in the right now can eventually lead you to a goal which makes you happy. So I’m not saying everything has to be an immediate gratification situation.  There are things that lead to deep gratification in the long-term that are work and struggle and heartbreak in the near term.  I’m not Pollyanna here, I get it, believe me.  But there should be happiness at the end of the tunnel or even the middle with moments of happiness along the way or what’s the use. Our lives our too short to squander them on ‘well, maybe it will be all right.  I can make do”.  Don’t make do.  Make splendor.  Make happiness.  Believe that you know what you want and follow that ‘knowing’ no matter what your brain says.  Or anyone else for that matter. What do they know?