In this year of the Horse a lot of our lessons are going to come through the body.  Ok, I hear that deep sigh that just happened.  I bet you’re thinking that you’ve heard this sermon before.  Eat right, get lots of sleep, exercise, get a hobby, ergonomics at work, get up every 20 minutes if you work on a computer, blah…blah…blah.  Ok consider me having lectured you on all of that.  You can even imagine me giving you the mom look to make sure you do it.  Feel better?  I know I do.  Let’s move on, shall we?

What I’m referring to is not the mechanics of the body.  That’s the “body as machine, as car” model of thinking.  It’s valid up to a point.  Well, it’s more like the rudiments.  Everyone should know the basics before they move on to more complex things.  What I’m referring to is the actual voice of the body.  Your body is an equal partner with the mind/soul/emotions.  All four of these aspects comprise you and they all interconnect and interact.  Unfortunately we are taught to mind our mind the most and let it lead like a drill sergeant most of the time while the body is treated like the private who falls out of line on the run and has to be yelled at.

So let’s start over.  Your body is just as intelligent as your mind and it has just as much to say and about just as many things.  Your body understands linear time, not just now.  In fact its a storehouse for things from your past that you haven’t yet dealt with.  It’s the minder of the now while your mind is being anywhere else but.  It’s the keeper of the emotions you don’t process and works very hard to get you to stop and LISTEN when you aren’t hearing things that are absolutely critical to your life.  Just like dreams it works in symbolic language as well as biology and quantum physics in order to communicate with you and support you.  So with all that complexity going on, all that nuance and information pouring through it, how can you not listen?  Actually, you’ve probably heard quite a bit it has to say, so I guess I should actually say, today is time to agree with and partner with your body.  You’ll be amazed at the insights you’ll gain and the quantum leaps in progress you’ll make towards becoming your best you and achieving your dreams.