There are so many ways that people believe that they are listening and trying to hear the message.  They have a goal in mind, they have a need, they have a desire and so they start looking for answers.  They try this remedy, that process, ask this group and that expert, but nothing gets better and no progress is made.  Their minds start spinning stories about what is causing the problem and they launch off trying to fix things based on these stories, making things exponentially worse, or having no effect at all, or sometimes stumbling upon the answer which they may or may not realize and so on things go.

One of the initial problems is they feel that they are listening and they are.  They are completely right, if not righteous, in feeling that they are listening with every ounce of energy they have.  But the aren’t hearing.  They listen for messages from outside themselves, don’t receive them or don’t understand them and so ignore the information and keep asking the question.  They get tons of information from their body which is wildly signalling through illness and accident, and chronic pain what the issue is and what needs to be done to resolve it and this is ignored. In fact the messaging becomes part of the problem and incorporated into the story of why things aren’t working.  Remedies for the particular illness/injury/chronic problem don’t work for long, don’t help, just bring on something else because the message is the issue, not the body.  The body is doing amazingly well and is a champion for signalling so clearly.  It should be treated with the utmost respect.  Oh, well.

Listening is not enough, trying sometimes becomes flailing, and having done “everything” means you are more than likely avoiding the one thing you need to do to resolve the issue.  Most often this is to stop listening and actually hear the message, because it’s being shouted at you by everything around you:  patterns of behavior, financial situations, body breakdown, relationships, career, personal projects….  Stop listening, stop trying, and begin to hear what you are being told.  When something grows this large, it’s about the most important thing in the world: you.  You are worth taking this moment to stop doing things the way you’ve always done them. You’re worth it to ask for actual help, not with the problems, but with the hearing.  You’re worth stepping back and saying “Enough.”

When you can get quiet and hear the voice in your heart that is feeling the truth in you, then you know that you are beginning to hear instead of listen.