So many times I hear reports from students and clients about their Akashic experiences, about their current personal experiences and about what they are looking for and in all of it they relate to me what the meaning of it is even though they have questions about what it all means.  :/  This and this and this happened and that’s all connected to my current relationship, I saw this and this which is connected to my enjoyment of family (even though I don’t enjoy my family at all, they are a nightmare!!!) and this over here, this is about the career I’m supposed to have someday but I can’t tell what it is.

So one of the first things I do is start questioning them on how they know that these things, events, experiences mean what they say they mean.  To which they have no reply because they don’t know.  Instead of being open and not labeling them and then rushing off to the next thing, instead of stopping to investigate or ask questions (you know, stopping for directions is supposed to be a good thing), they have allowed their logic brain to immediately associate them with known symbols, issues, pieces of their identity so as to all in one action label them/make them known/control them/categorize them/and make them irrelevant. Most reports point out that the person already knows this information, it must just be a confirmation.

But why confirm something they already know when they are asking for new information? Why would the Akashics go through the effort?  Unless these things are not what they have been labelled. In fact, most of the time, when we go back over the experiences, the images, the symbols, just a cursory glance says they are not what has been assumed, that there is a ton of detailed information that is not only a response to the seeking but new learning that goes far beyond what the student or client was aware of, and opens new paths for them to explore so they can start opening up to a new way of being in the physical world.

So instead of looking for a 1 dimensional answer or assuming that you understand the answer that is being given so you can shrug it off and move on, when asking a question, listen to the answer you receive.  It could be the key to everything.