Nothing is more heart wrenching than leaving something undone until it is too late.  If there is something you really want to do, don’t worry about what other people will think, don’t worry about how to get it done, get rid of the box you’ve been thinking in and go out and do it.  10 years or 10 months or 10 days from now you won’t remember why you were worried about it.  You won’t even remember if you made a fool of yourself or if people disapproved.  But you will remember having done this thing which you wanted.  Your entire soul will glow from knowing that you care enough to take care of yourself, and that will show and flow to every person that you meet and everyone that you love.

If you love someone, let them know in words and deeds every day.  Because the grand gestures are….well….grand and alla that, but it’s the long-term, the accretion of love, the habituation of giving and receiving that builds a lifetime of memories and leads to happiness.  Happiness cannot be determined in any given moment.  Few and far between are the times when we stop long enough and are in the right frame of mind to say, “Oh, I’m happy.  This is happiness.”  All the other emotions moving on the spectrum keep us going day in and day out.  It is only at the end, looking back, that we can see we were happy because we worked each day to live the love and truth in our hearts.

So do everything you think you should, everything you can, and everything that calls to your heart and live with no regrets.  You will experience loss, you will feel the pain of grief, you will suffer through the ending of things.  But when those times come, you won’t have to grieve over what didn’t get done or what could have been.  You can cry the healing tears of ‘remember when’ instead….