One of the things that client’s ask me about is their lost opportunities.  And at one time I looked at that as a legitimate subject for concern and something I should read and figure out for them.  But what happened is that I looked for the misses and I didn’t find them.  Yes, there were unique events that occurred where they made choices to do this instead of that, go here instead of there but the great thing was that making that choice didn’t mean they lost the opportunity.  It just meant that they didn’t choose to take up that opportunity in that moment under those circumstances.

The things we want most in life, the dreams we have, the things that make our soul’s sing don’t come around just once in a lifetime.  It’s not like there is this one small window for Rick Springfieldus to get it right and if we don’t then we lose the game.  We set up our lives before hand so that we get multiple changes to succeed.  We stack the deck way in advance.  So if you didn’t get to do something when you were a child, do it now.  I did.  I know it’s silly and it speaks to my age, but when I was a teen life was all about Rick Springfield.  I had all his albums and knew every song, but never got to see him in concert.  So a few years ago I found out that not only is he still doing his thing, but he was in the area.  So a couple of my friends and I went to see him.  And it was a riot and wonderful and crazy and I loved it.  I screamed myself hoarse and had a great time.  Not everyone’s cup of tea but you get my drift.

I have clients right now who are in the process of reclaiming the lives they wanted to live back in the day and are living full out in this moment.  Regrets, sure.  If we don’t have any we haven’t lived at all.  But just because we didn’t do it, haven’t done it yet, doesn’t mean we can’t do it now.  Nothing about that past is putting any barriers in your way. You want it, then no time like the present to get up and start making it happen.  In fact, with all that experience under your belt and perhaps some wisdom you might just be in a better position to get what you want and you will definitely appreciate it far more.  So let’s get this shit started.