It’s interesting to be writing about Chesed from the Kabbalah Tree of Life during the Christmas season.  Chesed is the home of loving kindness, benevolent rule, grace, majesty and so many things which this time of year is supposed to epitomize.

The thing about Chesed is that, while its as active as any of the other Sephiroth, it’s focus is on keeping centered and being firm in your core.  It’s a bit like working with a Bosu ball at the gym.  The concept is you keep still while your world is rocking and rolling.


Loving kindness comes from a place inside us that is actively still.  Acts of loving kindness come not from needing validation or acknowledgement or recompense.  They don’t come from a need to control or dominate or feel better than.  They don’t come from fear of reprisal or from expectations.  Loving kindness comes from that actively centered place inside where we are not only enough, but we have extra to share.  Where we can see ourselves clearly therefore we can see someone else.

If the season has you whirling and swirling, off-balance and struggling, give yourself some loving kindness and come back to your center.  Breath and regroup and try again.