People speak about fear as detracting from manifesting.  And this can be true, but it depends on what you mean by fear.  Being afraid of something in real time, like an oncoming car or a bear standing next to you in the woods, or the decorative railing on the balcony of a high rise apartment are all good fears that help your body gear up to keep you safe.  They help you manifest well-being by allowing you to deal with a dangerous situation.  Fear of something that has not yet occurred such as an interview, a date, a bill, a payment, a response to a request, all of these fears are called “dirty pain” as they are fears we generate in ourselves without any external source. They are worries that do not help us to take our energies away from positive actions.  In the short term they can help us take action to prevent a negative outcome, but once this is done, they become unhelpful and a hindrance.  They mimic real time fear in that they can cause our bodies to react, but they are actually emotional and mental actions.  In manifesting this kind of fear does not prevent the manifesting process to work, but it allows the conversation to manifest what is feared rather than what is hoped for.  Imagine that this is like being in a room full of people and trying to talk with someone over the sound of other conversations. In essence what you want to manifest you are saying rarely and at a whisper while what you’re afraid of you shout at them over and over again.  Which part will they remember and respond to?  Yup, what you fear.  So that’s what you’ll get in the end.

As with any conversation, you can’t always do the talking.  You have to listen as well and give the other side equal time, which is why, once you have formulated your request, you shouldn’t dwell on it.  You can work on it a bit each day if there are actions you can take, but once that is done, let it go and go on with the rest of your day.  Let the Universe work on its end.  And when events happen to support your request, “listen” to them i.e. recognize them for what they are, act upon them, say “Thank You” and keep going.  It’s all part of the conversation.

Another matter to keep in mind is that things may not unfold exactly as you expect them too.  Like all creations the end result is never exactly like what you’ve seen in your head, but it’s a reflection of your skills and abilities of the moment interacting with the materials on hand.  That’s a great part of all creative processes whether in art, construction, or business. Manifesting something will bring an end result that will be what you asked for, but unique to your situation, the resources at hand and responsive to the moment. And receiving it will change you and this will take you to the next thing you wish to manifest.  Such is the interconnectedness of life.  So be open to what the Universe brings, be flexible so you can appreciate all the opportunities being offered and listen so you don’t miss what is put in front of you.