A Step By Step Guide to Manifestation

Discover Kabbalah and the Tree of LifeKabbalah’s Tree of Life documents how we take raw life force or Akasha and bring it into being in embodied life. The Tree of Life is composed of individual components called Sephiroth, each responsible for one aspect of manifestation.  Like Chakras, we have these energy centers and use them continuously in order to create the life we desire.  In this course you will learn how to access the Tree of Life within you and utilize it consciously to work through life lessons, connect more deeply with source, and manifest your best life.

Kabbalah /’kabələ’/ (קַבָּלָה‎,”receiving/tradition”) is the living mystical tradition of Judaism. Its roots stretch back to the time of the Torah, the first five books of the Bible’s Old Testament, and to the oral traditions, collected into the Talmud, which predate and support it.

One of the most accessible features of Kabbalah is the Tree of Life. It is a map of how the world was created in the beginning and continues to be created in each moment. Being created in God’s image, each of us contains our own Tree of Life in order to manifest our life, our lessons, our desires, and our purpose into the world.  You don’t need to be Jewish in order to access this wisdom any more than you need to adopt Hinduism to practice Yoga and receive its benefits.


Each lesson contains information concerning an energy center or Sephirah including its individual focus, its relationship to the entire energy system, and the means for working with it consciously. In depth information concerning how the manifestation process involves all aspects of embodied life and the particular aspects connected with the Sephirah will be discussed.

Throughout the class you’ll find brief discussions of various other aspects of Kabbalah as they pertain to the Sephirah and suggestions on how to find more information.

  • Kabbalah Adam Kadmon Tree of LifeEach lesson contains an guided meditation in both written and audio forms to help you connect and work with the energy of the Sephirah.
  • Weekly guided meditations providing a means of experiencing the Sephirah directly. I encourage you to pick something to manifest as students learn more fully and quickly by doing.
  • Each weekly meditation is accompanied by an original musical composition inspired by the subject of the lesson and composed by the talented sound healer Margaret Joyce using crystal singing bowls.
  • This class includes a chat board where you can ask questions specific to your experience which might not be answered in the lesson material.  I respond to chat board posts once a day.