Let’s face it, there’s a bit of finger pointing out there when it comes to religions of the book and their tendency to be religious on specific days, Saturday/Sunday, and then go back to living however they want the rest of the time.  It’s one of the reasons why I like Feminist Reform Judaism and Hasidism, because the point is the acting on a belief system in each and every moment, making secular life divine by grounding divinity in every day activity.

But the spiritual community has the same issue, just not regulated to one specific day per week.  So many people feel that meditating about something, going inward and connecting with source, having positive thoughts about things, going through the right ritual, is enough.  The rest will take care of itself or else we haven’t done enough, meditated enough, gone deep enough, gone far enough…. So doing more of the same should get us a different result.  *face palm* Or, in the way of magical thinking, we obviously haven’t done the right ceremony, the right meditation, the right releasing process in order to get the effects we are looking for.  *sigh*

Here’s a concept though, doing meditation, getting clear energetically, doing the deep work is just like going to worship service, it’s only half the equation.  It’s the inside piece.  So what about the outside piece?  Where are the actions that implement what has been meditated on?  Where is the change in behaviors that should come with the change in internal self?  If we aren’t choosing actively to live what we’re believing, then we’re just as guilty of hypocrisy.  So before seeing the resolution to the problem as one more trip inside, why not stop and do a thorough review of all the actions/choices/behaviors going on outside and see if they are in alignment with the meditations and the goals and the aspirations.  If not, that’s probably a better place to start.