Each living person has a team of guides. Our entourage as it were. They are beings who have agreed their sole purpose, while we are embodied, is to support us in this life. The average number of guides is 3-7 depending on the needs of the soul and the life they have planned. Most people never notice them because, like good backstage hands, guides work behind the scenes and try to keep themselves out of the way so the focus can be on the actors and the stage. These spirit guides are responsible for supporting various aspects of the embodied soul’s experience. They are there to have our backs, fill in the gaps, help us to achieve what we’re striving for at any given moment, try to keep us on the straight and narrow so we don’t get too far off track, and provide the necessary stimulus for each phase of our embodied life, however we have it laid out.

We can improve the amount of support we receive by actively participating in the communication process.

For those of you who are already students you can do this easily using the meditations you are already using. Simply think you will meet one of your embodied life guides rather than an animal guide when you enter your room and this will send out the invitation to your guides. If you think you will meet one then only one will respond. If you think you will meet the entire team, then they will all be invited. This isn’t a summons so they may not all appear, but it will be more likely than not.

For those of you who are not yet students I have created a meditation which you can use.