Throughout recorded history and long before there have been myths and legends about sacred or magic pools where people discover the truth or have the truth revealed to them. Oracles lived next to natural springs which fed their scrying pools, naiads would appear to the worthy or unwary who let down their guard to bath or drink, and the naked truth is pictured as emerging from a bath.

Still water creates a liminal space in the physical world. Living water, water which is not stagnant, but fully oxygenated with a healthy biome, evaporates moisture into the air creating not only softness, but an atmosphere which encourages growth, change, and becoming. Hence things become green around an oasis, moss and lichen grow on the surrounding rocks, and even the minerals in the stones can leach out and move in it’s presence.

There are many traditions which describe how to work with oracles, scrying tools, sacred mirrors and the like. In general, its recommended you strip yourself of the mundane world. Smudging, cleansing, even putting on ritual wear is helpful in signalling to your nervous sytem and the world around you that you are moving into liminal space. Setting up sacred space can also be helpful as it allows your mind to focus fully on the process rather than having to do the gymnastics of intending sacred space, moving into meditation, parking the body safely and then working with energy.

I’ve created a guided Akashic journey which will support you through the process and you can find it below.