Ever worked a puzzle and get to a point where you’re stuck?  Doesn’t matter if you’re working from the outside in or the middle out there comes a point where you just can’t figure it out so it’s time to mix the pieces.  Not an easy thing with thin flat shapes but passing our hands over and through them we swirl them around, changing where they were on the surface, where they were in relation to each other, changing how they were situated with themselves, and a whole new pattern emerges.  Suddenly things start fitting together and more of the puzzle is complete.

Life is like that.  Our lives are made of pieces that we fit together to make a whole.  But what happens when the pieces aren’t fitting together?  What happens when you want to add one more piece and it doesn’t seem to fit or you need the puzzle to make a different picture than it’s making now?  What if you’re missing a piece?

Things can’t stay in the same configuration they’ve been in.  You don’t throw the pieces out, but you need to disconnect them, reexamine them, turn them, associate them in different ways to get to a different result.  Or perhaps what you need to change around is you?  Sometimes walking around the table you’re working on makes a huge difference.  It’s your perception and not the pieces that need to move.  It’s a common thing for us to get into a rut, to see life through our habits and think that’s the way life actually is.  Changing the perspective can give us a whole new outlook on life.  The easiest way to make this kind of change is to do something you do every day, but do it in a different way or place.  Like do the bills in the bathtub.   It’s absurd enough that you forget to cringe and fall into despair.  Use a beautiful pen while you’re at it.  So there, bills!

Life is a puzzle you’re working on every day.  It’s up to you to decide if the pieces are fitting or not.  If they aren’t, disconnect them and try something else.  Try them connected in different ways.  You’ll be amazed how little adjustments, turning a piece just one turn, can make all the difference between agony and “ah ha”!