For those taking Find Your Calling In The Akashics this will be interesting information that you can add to your understanding of and interactions with Selene.

New discoveries about Mermaids and Greece

Carol Christ (pronounced like Christmas and not like the Savior) is one of the founders of the Women’s Spirituality movement.  She is a living embodiment of what it means to live your authentic life and walk your path.  In the 60’s she went from her PhD in Theology from Yale to San Francisco and the Goddess/Wiccan spirituality movement.  She’s a part Carol Christof the Goddess video trilogy (Goddess Remembered/The Burning Times/Full Circle) in both the first and the third installment.  To my knowledge they didn’t ever get produced on DVD but there are still VCR copies out there.

Dr. Christ followed her own path from there to Greece and has been there ever since.  She’s now a citizen of Greece, has run for public office, teaches long distance at CIIS (California Institute of Integral Studies) where I had the privilege of studying with her, and offers Goddess Tours of Crete twice a year.  Her wisdom is immense and her continuing discoveries of the lost narratives of women enrich us all.