It is easy to let our lives become about the day-to-day.  About getting from here to there, coordinating schedules, keeping track of people and things in our lives, and let all of that dictate how we live our lives.  Let alone other’s expectations of us, the responsibilities we have to jobs, associations, family, etc.  Our lives are a constant juggling act of ‘Where do I need to be next?’ Or ‘what should I be doing now?’

It is hard to stop living in the routine and turn ourselves towards the bigger picture.  The feelings that something isn’t right, the feeling of being hurt but don’t know why, the feeling of needing something more, but don’t know what.  Take some time out this weekend to feel, to think, to explore that.  Stop grinding through the moment and experience what it is like when you tune into yourself.   I think you’ll be surprised to find that the things you just automatically do aren’t necessarily serving you and the things you want to do give you joy and peace and light up your life.

And in the process you will discover all kinds of wonderful things about yourself that you never knew.  It seems like an oxymoron, but sometimes we are the last to know intrinsic truths about ourselves.  And once we discover it our friends and family many times just nod and say “Yep, I was wondering when you’d figure that out” and then they support you in doing or being whatever that is consciously and fully in your life.  Go figure!