startreesIt’s interesting to me to watch the scientific process, or at least as much of it as gets reported, as its reacting to and on this information age and the ongoing technology explosion. We’re taught to think of science as a linear progression, figuring out one piece of the puzzle which leads us to finding another piece and so on until we can see the entire picture. However, that’s not really how science works any more than any other field. In The Structure of Scientific Revolutions: 50th Anniversary Edition Thomas Kuhn describes what actually happens, which is a bit like fireworks. We have an understanding of how things worked based on this information, which we use to package things up neatly, recognizing that in the package are things that don’t fit, things which contradict essential parts of the package, which have the potential to explode, but we throw them out there. At some point along the trip, they explode, which is a good thing, it’s beautiful, it lights up the sky, but it leaves what we knew in wrecked pieces while we put together new theories and try again.  He sees these events as revolutions, but that’s a term we use after the crisis has passed. It’s a label, a descriptor that ties things up in a nice bow.  The experience is crisis and that seems to be happening a lot these days.

You can see this in the initial finding from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) which proved the Higgs particle existed but this caused the explosion of one set of theories as to what it means while pointing everyone to another which sets up a mountain of new questions. There’s a great documentary about it called Particle Fever.  Recent findings about a new planet are calling into question the scientific theories about how and why planets are created and in what time frame.  And Stephen Hawking just published new insights and findings on how black holes function which is notable because of how it changes the scientific landscape and also because someone at his age in the scientific community is usually expected to sit back on his previous achievements and let the young ones come up with new ideas.

Concerning Science and the Akashics we’re seeing this type of crisis as well and from unexpected directions. For decades, even hundreds of years scientists have attempted to quantify psychic phenomena. Using the scientific method they sought to be able to determine what it was and replicate the results which failed other than in the realm of statistics. However, quantum physics with its non-local entanglements (particles which connect continue to act as if they are connected even if they are separated over large distances), quantum holography and other hard science fields are beginning to find more and more structures which could be what we use in order to transfer intuition, Prana, and Reiki energy long distance. It could explain the mechanism through which Prana or Qi travels through the body, although not why. That’s for the theologians. 😉

One of the things that the information age affords us is the ability to watch all this chaos, discovery, and crisis in relative real-time. Personally, I’m going to go make some pop corn and settle in. They’ve just barely started to explore the nature of the Zero Point Field. This is going to get good…