Hearts are very private things. What we feel in them is unseen and unheard by the outside world.  For others to perceive them we have to wear them on our sleeve or offer them to someone else and even then we’re only creating a window for them to be viewed.  They are a castle that only we inhabit, although we create rooms for others to share.  This is by design rather than a flaw.  It helps us to learn and understand ourselves without interference, allows us to be fully present to ourselves in the moment, helps us learn our heart’s desires in ways we may never have experienced before.  It also helps us learn to articulate those desires.  Like a dancer hearing the most beautiful music, it is not enough to feel the joy and despair, the blessings and the danger, it must be articulated through movement.  To be is not only to feel, but to participate, express, and become.

Many people become confused about this when it comes to spiritual matters.  For some reason they feel that spiritual beings will invade our privacy, look into our hearts, deprive us of our free will, take away the opportunity for us to experience our feelings by expressing them and act on those feelings and desires because we feel them.  You’ve seen or even felt this before: “But it’s my heart’s desire and I’ve wanted it for such a long time.  Why hasn’t it manifested?”  Well, because your heart is a private thing.  Until you express your heart’s desire, there’s not much anyone can do.  And I don’t mean in a child asking Santa Clause to bring them all the items on their extensive Christmas wish list.

To express our heart’s desire is to claim it.  This means to get rid of the “I wish” or “I hope” portion of the statement and say “I am…”  Claiming the career, the relationship, the opportunity, the status, they lifestyle and so on which is your heart’s desire expresses it out into the world.  For example: there is a marked difference between taking dance classes and being a dancer.  No one can tell you when you’ve crossed that line, only the person can know.  When they claim it, when they wake up in the morning and know without question, without thinking that they are a dancer, then it becomes true not only for them but for the rest of the universe.  Each of us has a heart’s desire and usually more than one. What we claim is what we become in one form or another.  Which of your heart’s desires are you willing to claim?