By popular demand I’ve put together three E-books.  For years I’ve been sending out newsletters and emails which have developed into the Akashic Wisdom teachings which go out each Saturday to my email subscribers.  Through these I’ve explored  aspects of soul books that I don’t cover in my classes, more fully explore and discover the Akashics in-depth, and unfold how to work practically with the Akashics in our daily lives.

Now these emails have been gathered together in one place for easy access and reference.  For those who are just encountering the Akashic Wisdom teachings, you’ll find they are actually a conversation that’s been going on since 2012.  Each volume encapsulates a segment of that discussion in its entirety including links to meditations and additional resources.  For those who were there to receive the original emails these books allow you to have all the information in one place instead of in a file stuck somewhere safe. 🙂

I’m excited to be able to give these writings new life and I hope they further your explorations and experience of the Akashics.

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