We’re taught that our brains are our biggest assets.  They are what make human beings the top, or almost top, of the food chain and why we can manage, or mismanage, the earth.  We are thinking beings thinking all the time about everything whether it be passively through watching TV and movies, playing video games, interacting at each other on social media, actually interacting with other beings, working, planning for our future, problem solving, doing the necessary things to keep our homes and our lives running, we are always thinking.

Our culture fosters a world of thinking beings.  Not critically thinking beings because they can’t be advertised to, have too many opinions, and consider their actions before taking them.  But thinking beings buy stuff and do stuff in groups and that’s handy for economics and politics and all kinds of groups and interested by standers.  However, being all up in our brains and not being in our other parts can take us out of balance.  It can make us overbalanced bobble heads wondering why our bodies don’t work right, why we get into messes, make bad choices, and “didn’t see that coming.”

Our bodies are just as wise as our minds, our emotions have just as much knowledge to impart, and our soul knows way better than the mathematics of logic how to get us from point A to point B.  We ignore them at our peril and struggle through life when we don’t have to.  People call it instinct or intuition when we know things which aren’t logical or don’t fit the facts as they appear in the moment.  Most of the time it’s actually the soul/body/emotions talking to us and we’re actually listening for some reason.

The thing about getting all four into balance is that the other three don’t necessarily care about work day schedules, arbitrary social rules, other people’s expectations, or about guilty obligations.  They know about what is best for us and the best way to get there, short-term and long-term.  If we trust what we instinctively know or intuit we have the opportunity not only to be good to ourselves, but make things better for all those around us.  So stop thinking and go do what feels right.  You’ll be better for it.