In working with clients I bump up against their perspective that they are a passenger along for the ride.  “I don’t really have any questions, I just want to know what my Soul Book wants me to know.”  I recognize that this is something that we’ve all been taught for hundreds of years: no one can know or understand the workings of God, everything happens for a reason, Thy Will Be Done, etc.  Along with the notion of original sin which teaches that we are all broken and can never be fixed, there’s very little room between total passivity mixed with faith and fury at a quixotic God which can’t be understood or interacted with for anyone to feel any empowerment.  I get it.

However, I have never found any evidence that original sin exists.  In fact, all of my experience and my studies show that it doesn’t.  We aren’t broken and we haven’t ‘fallen’ anywhere.  We are in the process of becoming more and more of who we are, which is amazing.  And being here in this now gives us a multitude of opportunities to learn and experience and grow. Yep, we make mistakes and have to deal with them, but that’s part of learning and growing.  And, in working with people’s Soul Books, with their guides and their teachers, the underlying theme of every reading is Free Will.  Each of us is responsible for our lives.  We’re not in control of everything, but we are solely responsible for our own decisions and actions.

So we are not a passenger along for the ride provided by the Universe.  And we aren’t a Universe of one making everything up as we go along.  This isn’t a dream we’re going to wake up from.  We are a driver navigating an amazing road trip.  We get to decide how fast we go, which direction we head, how often we stop, etc.  Working with your Soul Book is like pulling out the map and looking at where you’ve been and where you’re going.  Maps don’t tell you where to go or chide you for where you’ve been.  They give you options which help you get where you’re going.

Soul Books contain information. Like a sentient encyclopedia, they have everything in them about you, but it’s all just information.  None of it is more relevent than anything else.  It’s up to you, the reader, to decide what you want to read and to make meaning out of the information presented.  The best part is, your Soul Book is a part of you, so it is going to react to what you want and respond in kind and it always has your best interests in mind so you’re always going to get a good result when working with it.

Working with the Akashics is a practice in being a driver.  You can be a passenger, but as the Akashics is everywhere and not really going anywhere, you are basically just sitting around getting no where. You can try creating your own reality, but there are plenty of other realities out there and when they bump into yours it’s going to be a shock and possibly an unpleasant one.  Being interconnected, both open to opportunity and proactively making choices, being responsible for yourself and your actions, allows you to fully function as a spiritual being living a physical life.  It’s the first, and maybe the hardest, step toward living a full and fulfilling life.