Souls are eternal.

This life is not the first life you have lived on this earth and most likely will not be your last.

Your past lives have taught you about life, about yourself, and have helped you reach the level of perfection you have attained up to this point.Past Life Reading

Your body is finite and you have come here with goals you wish to achieve in this lifetime.

Because there is so much more to you than one body can hold for the brief time that you have here, you have only brought with you a small amount of knowledge, skill, aptitude and wisdom from the everything that you have become in your past lives.  Just enough to help you be successful and as much as you could hold during the process of birth and childhood.

However, now you are able to remember and experience more of who you truly are.

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Past Life ReadingOur past lives inform our lives today in many ways including influencing our opinions, our perspectives, what we ‘know to be true’ even though we have never experienced it in this life. They are the basics from which we build our personalities in this life.

Through a Past Life Reading you can remember and reintegrate who you have been and the wisdom you have gained through those experiences.  You can release old hurts that you have held in your soul through traumatic events and that have manifested in your current body.  You can recognize soul mates and acquaintances and make sense of seemingly random hobbies or collections that you have had for years.

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Past Life Reading

Did you live in Egypt?

By having a Past Life Reading you can learn about the plans you made for this life and what your purpose is in this lifetime.  You can find out what challenges lay ahead, whether you will be meeting your soul mate, whether you are going to be able to have a fulfilling career, whether travel is in your future or if what you have always wished for is right around the corner.

Teri Uktena works with clients to help them to reach their highest potential and to find the path towards their true selves not only in the future, but in the now.  Schedule your Past Life Reading today.