We have all heard negative things about the path of least resistance.  It’s the cowards way out the lazy way to go, the easy way that gets minimal or no results and lets you just cruise through life.  Nothing worth doing is easy and we should all work hard to get what we want.  It’s a very American work ethic that stems from a lot of things including our Puritan and colonial roots, our move away from aristocracy and formalized status which allows for “self-made men”, and our welcoming of immigrants combined with a love for the under dog.  You can do whatever you set your mind to if you are willing to take the risks and put your shoulder to the wheel and nose to the grindstone.

But now that I have over dosed on formulaic tripe, let’s look at the opposite.  What if what you truly need is to “stop just doing something and stand there”?  What if the best and most perfect thing for you to be doing in this now is to let go of the need to do?  What if the doing you need to be doing is to allow others to help you?  What if you need to do is stop, look, and listen, because Spirit is trying to tell you something?  I mean, if you are constantly busy trying to “get something done” or “trying to reach my goals” or “just doing the best I can to get through everything I need to do” how can Spirit even get a word in edgewise let alone gift you the exact things that you need?  What’s the point in asking for what you want and need if you are too busy to even notice when it arrives?

Step back from the busy, from the panic that you aren’t going to have enough, that you have to work really hard to just get by, that you need to get all “this” done in order to survive to tomorrow.  Check in with what you really need.  Because if you’ve been doing it right, then you aren’t the only one that has been working on your behalf.  The Universe would like to step in and help you to live a successful and fulfilling life. Which includes allowing you to take it easy. Which includes allowing you time to feel successful in what you have accomplished already.  Which allows you to reap the rewards of your success even if that is just the ability to take a nap.  Just for one day look at the path of least resistance and don’t see it as a cop-out.  See it as a gift from the Universe.  It’s a “good job” pat on the back for all you’ve done so far.  Accept it with humility and grace.  Enjoy it because you deserve it.  Kick back and relax for one moment.  All the rest of your to do list will still be there when you get up.