I don’t think people realize how amazing they are.  When I read for a client the first thing I do is look at who they are within their body.  I’m always awestruck by how beautiful they are and how unique.  Because I’m like every other human and like order I can place them in broad categories like Healer, Builder, Seeker, Teacher, Seer, but each person I meet is unique in how they experience and manifest this.  I sort through the various fields the body/mind/emotions of the person exude seeing them as a constant hum and movement of harmonies both in going and out flowing.  It is a beautiful thing to experience and difficult to distil into words.

I try to not be distracted by what I’m sensing and not to use cliché’s such as “energy” or “aura” to explain it.  Tired and card board words to be thrown away once the actual item is reached.  But how to explain this to someone who has never experienced it in another person and doesn’t experience fully in themselves?  English is sometimes very lame and useless as there aren’t enough or precise enough words.  Sometimes people are the activating force that causes other people to want to do things.  They are usually the leaders of a group.  There are others that are an anchor making safe space and a loving environment everywhere they go.  People are attracted to them but don’t stay for long.  They are like yoyo’s moving out from that central person.  The quintessential mother figure even though they may be too young to have actually produced children.

There are volumes of information in each person and in a reading I don’t have time to even begin to explain all that I come to know.  So I try to focus on anything that might be relevant to the reading.  Usually this is well-being and category of beingness that they exhibit, moving quickly to the particulars.  This helps them immediately see patterns in their behavior and in how the world interacts  around them and gives us a common tool to use when talking about the information I will read in their soul book.  And understanding of why they would see the world the way they do.   It’s a gift to be able to see them as their essential selves and I’m always filled with wonder during and after a reading.  People are so amazing!