Yes, we should all be islands knowing what we know and being able to self-actuate.  Blah-de-blah-de-blah….  Oh wait.  Maybe not.  Because that would me we were islands or robots or something less blissfully messy and magically interconnected than humans.  Why share when we are self-contained units that have no needs and can do it all ourselves?  😛

Sometimes we need permission to know what we know.  Sometimes we need permission to recognize that what we know is true and real.  That permissions allows us to move forward, make decisions, take action.  It validates our reality, the fact that it’s “not just us” who is seeing things that way, experiencing things like this, coming to this conclusion.  Even though outside forces don’t have authority over us, for the most part, they do provide us feedback, hold up the mirror, say “Yep, I see that too. What is it?” and help us move forward with our lives.

It’s not wrong to seek that permission from someone else as long as you know it for what it is, comfort and validation and support.  In the end, you’re the only one with the authority to know what you know. But you knew that already, right?