We’re meant to make meaning out of our experiences. Learn from our past. But what is it we’re supposed to learn?  For so many people the past becomes its own form of gravity, its own force of nature which informs how their world works. You can tell when this is the case because the person will explain their past and then say “Well, that’s just the way it is so I….” which leads to the explanation of why they don’t do or act or choose the life they actually want to have.  This isn’t to say that the past is invalid. We’re meant to make meaning out of our experiences. They happened, they came into being through a great many actions and choices, some of which have meaning for or apply to us, and now they are no more.

The difficulty with this physics of the past is that it denies the one constant of the universe: change. Everything changes.  It can’t not. All of us are changing in every moment and all of us are changing the things around us and effecting change in others and so on and so on. So if we are not the same person any more and we can choose who we want to interact with so that can change and our circumstances have changed simply because time keeps moving, then the past can remain just a moment in time.

We, as interconnected co-creative beings, manifest within this embodied reality. We can choose to recreate our past, be dragged down by its mass, constantly replay it to keep it alive, or we can choose to transform the meaning of it into something useful. We can transmute the past into wisdom which informs but does not control our now. We can then be free to create a life better suited to who we are becoming.