My friends would laugh and deny it, but I do value and utilize procrastination…..a little bit….sometimes….depending on the situation. I mean, why soldier through life when it is beautiful outside?  I’d much rather be out on my deck enjoying a beer or doing yoga (no beer with yoga, please) or out hiking or hanging in the park rather than doing dishes, laundry, or pretty much any other mundane ‘have to’ in the world.  While you can enjoy the beautiful day while doing errands, it’s not the same thing.  At least it isn’t for me.

Procrastination is a tool and as such, used in moderation, helps us keep our life balanced and keep us healthy, especially Type A personalities such as myself.  But procrastination used to keep us from making major decisions or to keep us from looking at something we know is a huge issue that is impacting us in a bad way, is just an ostrich with its head in the sand.  Hate to tell you, but that kind of procrastination leaves your ass hanging out with a big bullseye stuck on it.  Not that I’m calling your ass fat….I’m just saying.

‘Better the Devil You Know’ isn’t actually true most of the time unless you’re in the jungle with your pet tiger on a leash.  For the majority of us, letting go of the tiger and moving forward is the best thing for us.  So use the procrastination to get you out into summer and enjoying the moment, but stop using it to keep you stuck in what you already know.  Let go of the tiger and push through the vines just one step and you will find there is a new and wonderful adventure out there that is amazing and good for you.  And tastes better than vitamins.  I promise!