Yesterday I finished up lesson 6 of the class I will be offering through  This lesson was on interacting with your Soul Book and it’s always good to write about these things because it forces you to really look deeply and be clear about what you are doing and why so you can present it to someone else.  Not easy, mind you, but good.   Dealing with Soul Books on a daily basis I take in the information quickly and don’t stop to remember how I do it or what the process is.  It’s good to slow down and go through it again.

It was also funny to explain the verbage that I’m so used to in working with the Akashics.  For my peers and those who work in the Akashics there is a vocabulary that we use that is specific to our work, just as there is in any trade or speciality.   To write for the public I have to examine all of this and evaluate what is just lingo that can be translated back to English and what is unique and necessary to the process and so needs to stay and be explained.  Such as the term ‘reading’.  In New Age parlance this means sitting with someone and accessing information via Spiritual means whether that is through tarot, other spiritual objects or some process like palmistry, etc, etc.  In common language reading means…reading.  Looking at words just as you are now and extracting meaning from them.  In the Akashics reading is somewhat of a combination of these two and is a bit of a multimedia experience.  So explaining what is meant by the term, how you do it, and what the results are is a bit of an adventure.

It’s good and I’m looking forward to having the class published and available to the public late February or early March.