It is hardest for us to see the answer right in front of our face.  Not because we’re blind, although that can be the case at times.  Sometimes our assumption, our desires, and our fears can blind us to everything around us.  But most of the time we’re just fixated on finding the answer “out there.”  The answer has to be somewhere or somewhen that is not now and not here so we tune our vision to the distance and deal with what is near us absentmindedly.   It’s helpful to have friends and loved ones and family that can help get our attention, help us see what is right here, help us make the connections so we can get clear.  Because our mind is a powerful thing as are our desires and if they are colluding to try and help us manifest what we want and they see that it can’t be here and can’t look other than what we assume it has to look like, then they will screen out everything else.  Even if it’s right under our noses, biting our ankles, tapping us on the shoulder, or taking a chunk out of our a__.

I point this out to clients when talking about manifesting and relationships.  They can’t figure out why they haven’t found a partner or their partner hasn’t found them.  But they keep being gifted or finding pets: dogs, cats, birds….  I ask them if what they are trying to manifest is uncomplicated, unconditional love that will never leave them.  They say yes and I point out that they are receiving it in spades.  The issue might be that they aren’t being specific enough in their request (that it be human, single, on their continent, etc., etc.) or it might be that it is right under their nose, in their laps, in their arms and they haven’t paid any attention to it.  It might be time to evaluate what it is that’s being asked for, how and why because the Universe is responding and in volume.  There’s message in that which shouldn’t be ignored.

The same goes for questions about where should I live, should I keep this job or get a new one, which facet of my chosen career should I specialize in, should I get more education, should I give up this life of crime and start living a civilized life…  Each time you put those questions out into the universe answers come back.  But if you’re looking for the answer to come in one particular form, you might be screening out all the others ways it’s arriving.  So ask the questions.  Ask them often, ask them in a variety of ways, ask yourself why you’re asking them and how you’re asking them and if they are actually the questions you want to be asking.  Know that the universe is going to respond.  And if it doesn’t…well that’s a response too, because no is a valid answer.