I hear a lot from people who are interested in learning how to do readings in the Akashics or have been trying to learn how to read in the Akashics from books or from trainings they have received from teachers.  I have learned over time to just sit back and listen while they describe their experiences and frustrations with their experiences because usually the first thing we have to work through in the conversation is what they are really talking about.

Words have meaning but they don’t mean the same thing to everyone and many people have a muddied understanding about the terms they are using.  So before I can really dig into what they are talking about I have to back up and clarify the words they are using.  Here are some that cause a great deal of confusion for people:

Akashics – the Akashics themselves is the realm where Spirit dwells.  It is immense, contains everything you can imaging and most things you can’t, and for the most part is not a learning center for embodied beings.  Humans access a very small portion of this realm.

Akashic Records – these are records or ongoing-living diaries of all the activities of all things existing.  They are contained and maintained within the Akashic Library.

Akashic Library – this is the place where the Akashic Records are kept and, while immense, is only one very small portion of the Akashics.  It is available to embodied beings at all times and is staffed with being to help in retrieving available information.

Soul Book – this is the specific ongoing-living diary associated with an embodied human being.   This is you and you have full access to it at any time.

Once people are clear on the terminology being used it makes more sense why it is called ‘reading’ when we talk about retrieving information from a record.  Whether you understand that as accessing information like a computer retrieves it or like reading a book with pages, the information is accessed through an active process that the reader employs.  However, the second difficulty comes when people start describing how they access this information in the Akashic Library.

For the most part the people that I speak to don’t actually read records in the Akashic Library or anywhere else.  They open themselves up to an unknown realm they have been told is the Akashics then ask for information open themselves to revelation and wait for it to be provided.  If they are successful then a Spirit being of some kind imparts information to them which is hopefully some kind of answer to their question, although this might not be the case.  While this is a valid method of spiritual learning it is not reading.  It is called channeling or mediumship.

Reading a record in the Akashic Records requires quite a different skill set and is somewhat akin to doing research in a Library such as exists today.  It is an active skill that requires you to search out the record you are looking for, be somewhat of an investigator by researching the information within the record, and then apply that information to the matter at hand.  I find that a combination of healing diagnostic skills is also helpful so that I can correlate the information in the book with the client’s embodied expression.  At times I do employ channeling during a reading if a guide or soul partner wishes to communicate with me concerning information within the record or if they have some message or wisdom for the client, but this is only a small fraction of any reading.

Reading in the Akashic Records is an amazing and eye-opening experience that everyone has the ability to have consciously with study and practice.  With time it opens doorways to even more wonderous discoveries and the possibilities are endless.