We tend to think about resting and rejuvenating as going hand in hand.  Mostly because we think that our lack of juve is from being tired so if we get some rest we’ll rejuvenate.  Not always the case, however.  Tiredness or exhaustion can result from many different things and so the resolution for it is not one size fits all.  If the tiredness comes from a life that appears bleak and full of never ending sameness that is mind numbing or horrific in some way, we can feel tired or what we term “soul weary” and this has nothing to do with physical exhaustion from doing things.  It appears to be physical exhaustion because the soul and the heart rebel no matter what the mind demands and the body is an accomplice to the message “No more.”  No amount of resting will relieve this type of tiredness.  Whereas if you’ve been doing things that bring you joy and make you smile but having done quite a lot of them all in one day you can be absolutely exhausted, but a good sleep will have you up and at ’em the next day with little to no negative repercussions. (Well, if you did too much physical activity and are sore the next day, that’s your own fault, now isn’t it?  )

Resting can lead to rejuvenation, but your juve is actually that energy that manifests from your heart/soul/body connection.  It is the juice that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning and gives you that bouncy energy that makes you the envy or annoyance of caffeinationthose around you who are drinking juve substitute (caffeine) in order to keep up or even keep going.  Beware of these people for they are crafty and full of sarcasm.  Rejuvenation can come from resting, but it can also come from stopping an activity that isn’t feeding your soul or making you happy and substituting one that is.  Like taking 10 minutes to watch the sunset, check on that video your kid sent you that’s you’ve been meaning to get to for days, take a walk downtown to see the lights and not think about the to do list, look out the snow without thinking about the temperature or who much shoveling is left to do.  Do something for yourself this day that rejuvenates you.  Even if it’s just for a moment the lift and the smile can give you enough to keep going the rest of the day.  Just think what could happen if you filled each moment with such things?

So during this holiday season, add something rejuvenating to your todo list for each day.  And watch out for the under caffeinated.