Road blocks aren’t just something that makes traffic jams and makes us wonder about the wisdom of our city planners and how our tax dollars are being spent.  Road blocks happen in life as well and only some of them are external.  Spring is a time for new beginnings.  For things changing and becoming and exploding into being.  So why do some people choose to view this through panes of glass?  Why do some people choose to see this as involving everyone other than them?  Why do they relegate this feeling to Easter egg hunts and church service one weekend a year?

Spring is a physical thing, not just a metaphor or a religious sermon or a reason to goto Cancun/Las Vegas/the Keys/the Gulf and drink adult beverages.  Spring is a time when we have not only the option but the right to stop doing what we’ve always done and look at what we could do.  Spring is the time to look at ‘What if?’.  What if I stopped doing this as a hobby and started seeing it as my career?  What if I started showing people what I do?  Will they like it?  What if I stopped doing what I truly can’t stand doing but do because it pays the bills and look for something that will pay the bills & I can like it?  What if I find something I like and it pays me more?  What if I decide to chuck everything and just go do what I like?  Will the world end?

No one can answer those questions but the person asking them.  And the thing is, there is no way to know the answers unless the questions get asked and you go seeking the answers.  Yes, the though can be scary, but it can also be exciting.  The answer to the question might be no.  Which is a completely valid answer.  But that answer usually leads to more questions.  So the real question is, why are people not asking them?  What if more people asked these questions of themselves in Spring?  To me I believe the world would be a happier, crazier place.  But that’s my answer.  What’s yours?