Being a soul mate is a role that souls may choose to play for each other in an embodied life.  In some cases soul group members choose to work together as married couples in an embodied life for a variety of reasons.  It may be that they have similar lessons to learn or goals to meet, that they work better as a team than independently, or that they are in agreement to provide lessons for each other that support their personal goals as well as creating a family environment, positive or negative, that supports the needs of souls embodying as their children or grandchildren. However, while it is a romantic notion to think that one person can be all things to another person and that that one person is a perfect match and only they can provide the other happiness, it just isn’t the case.  For each of us there are many options for intimate relationships of any nature we choose including marriage.  And while one or another may work better to meet our personal and professional and even soul/service goals, all are good choices and provide us a wide field of growth opportunities as well as happiness.  So not finding a soul mate doesn’t mean you can’t have partnership, love, joy and happiness.  And having a soul mate doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you will.  All relationships take effort and are full of choices, options, and opportunities.