We all have the ability to create sacred space in our lives.  A place where we lay down the everyday world, remove our shielding and masks and relax and replenish ourselves in the numinous.  There are many places already available to us for this purpose:  temples, mosques, churches, and memorials to name a few. These are public places where we can participate in the All That Is in the company of community.

However, it is nice to be able to commune with the sacred as an individual.  And that can be achieved anywhere at any time, but I find it easier to be open and myself if the place I am in is supportive of my practice.  It doesn’t take anything special or a lot of money and time to create sacred space, just a little bit of effort and attention.  People do it all the time when they practice Yoga or Qi Gong or Tai Chi.  The act of getting out of the normal clothing you wear to get through your day, then into the correct attire for practice, finding an area, setting out any equipment that you need and then getting settled and focused in order to practice, all of that is the process of creating sacred space.

What makes the space sacred is your intent.  What keeps the space sacred is your intent reiterated through thought, word, and gesture over time.  Like a groove worn in stone, the space takes on the characteristics worn into it through use and so do you.  Because we are the stories we tell ourselves and if we tell the story of our active practice to be centered, healthy, at peace, and open to new possibilities and realities, then that is what we become.