Those in the self-help and psychology professions will tell you that you are more likely to follow through on something if you say your intention out loud or tell it to another person.  And in my experience this is true.  Words have power and communicating your intent forms it in a fashion into a reality through sound.

When it comes to working with guides and spirits and angels, speaking out loud is key.  Our thoughts are a kaleidoscope of possibilities, changes, edits, complete reversals and they change by the minute if not more often.  Divining intent or meaning from random thoughts is nearly impossible and while knowing what is in someone’s heart is somewhat easier as it is not as quicksilver and changeable, it isn’t carte blanche to act on their behalf either.

Free will is a wonderful gift and a pesky responsibility.  If you want something, you have to actually ask for it.  That includes help from your guides, teachers, spirits and angels, etc etc.  They can know what it is you want, listen for years or even decades as you bemoan the fact that you don’t have it or haven’t become it, but there’s not much they can do if you don’t give them permission.  Saying what you want or intend out loud gives them permission.  The act of forming language puts intent and action to your thoughts and feelings making them manifest in sound.  This makes them real and therefore actionable.  So if there is something you have always wanted, put together a statement and say it out loud.  Whatever it is, state that you want it, you are reading to achieve it, and that you are taking action to make that happen.  State that you want this brought to you and request all the support and aid you can get come to you in a good way.  You’ll be surprised and amazed at the results.