It’s fun watching people take the time they have in any given day and the energy they have to expend in that given day and try to make it into something other than what it is.  You know, making coffee convert into sleep, trying to multitask what will take 3 hours into a 30 minute lunch, and all the work they do for others into something that is nourishing for them personally.  I recently asked a client what it would look like if they carved out 3 evenings a week from their schedule to do something for themselves.  They go so excited to do that because then they could teach classes, see patients for energy work, and create a meditation group.  *face palm*  When I pointed out that all of those might be pleasant, but none of them were done for themselves as in taking personal time, they got very confused.  Hence where we started was defining personal time and then working on why it’s important.

A lot of people seem to think that their lives are like those garbage bag commercials where the boundaries just stretch and stretch and the idea is to cram in as much as possible without breaking the bag.  They think they should be able to handle a demanding job, an intense spiritual practice, a path which includes major goals like creating a healing center or a yoga studio or a retreat space, while maintaining a healthy relationship or attracting a partner and raising small children.  Oh, and let’s add in international travel, spiritual retreats, and perhaps writing a book or two and possibly doing workshops in all the spare moments.  ???!!!!!  At the same time they want to know why they are having physical issues, aren’t happy, and things don’t seem to be moving forward very fast if at all.

The answer to which is to stop having selective priorities.  Like selective memories they ignore relevant facts in order to create a magical land where everything can be done and resources can be used 3 or 4 times over.  Time stretches like silly putty and energy is ever replenished without effort.  What I point out to my clients in this situation is that, in truth, less is more.  To have the life you want, you need to live the life you want.  You really do have to dress for the job you want to have even if you end up in HR because you’re wearing a Batman outfit.  Ok, seriously, if you want a life where you’re honored, happy, productive, doing things that you want, have plenty of sleep and energy, then you need to start living that life now. Stop being a garbage bag stretched to its limits.  Start honoring yourself. Give to yourself first, give often, and respect the truth, that there’s only so much of you and it’s not something to be sacrificed for the greater good, but to be honored as a piece of the divine.  And go take a nap for goodness sake.