Rarely are we good at anything the first time out.  Even if we’re a prodigy the first few times we do something are awkward and require a great deal of focus.  Then we practice and practice until it’s second nature.  We may not excel at it, but we can find joy in it and the more we do the more joy we can have in our life.

Spiritual practices are no different.  However we tend to think and act as if they are.  We look at people who are healers or readers or mediums and somehow think that they have always been that skilled, have always been that confident, have never had a problem and are perfect, then hold ourselves to that same standard or set those same expectations.  Which we fail to meet, of course.  So we then throw out the baby with the bath water by walking away from what could have been fantastic just because it was awkward or not perfect.  To which I say “Silliness!”

No one is perfect the first time they read for someone.  No one is perfect out the gate when they start channelling or doing dream interpretation.  It takes practice.  It takes effort and awareness to figure out how you do it, what you do well and where you need to put in more effort, and then the effort needs to be expended.  It’s like any other muscle.  The more you use it the stronger it gets.  The more you try to expand your awareness the more your awareness will expand.  So set your expectations accordingly.  It’s not that you can’t do this, that or the other, it’s that you can’t do them yet.