When we see athletes, talk about athletes, or watch them perform on TV, we are constantly reminded not only of their raw talent, but of the hard work that they put in to become the amazing performer that they are.  And even then there is no guarantee that on the day they will be able to accomplish what they hope for.  And we should take that lesson to heart in our own, mundane, lives, but we rarely do.  We expect either to fail, to be mediocre, not good enough or we expect perfection, over achievement and the spectacular no matter what the reality is.  Being good enough and seeing what we do for how amazing it actually is and feeling pleasure in it?  Not happening for most people. It’s like we have dismorphic vision when it comes to our own abilities.  Too many underdog stories and heroic TV shows and movies.

It can be even worse in a couple of areas of our lives.  Sex and working with the Akashics.  I know, most people wouldn’t lump those two things together.  First off, most people don’t know about the Akashics.  But if they do, then they usually separate it from ‘real’ life and sex is pretty real.  But bear with me for a moment.  Let’s focus on the people who do know about the Akashics, because if you’re reading this blog you probably have at least heard the word.  Now, let’s assume you’ve heard about sex.  I’m not making any further assumptions because it’s early in my morning and I need a bit more caffeine before I even go there. 😉  With that said, here’s the deal.

For some reason most people in Western culture are either taught or assume that we will be savants when it comes to having sex the first time.  It will be like the best romance novel, the earth will move, bells will ring, birds will burst into spontaneous song and the world will be a better place.  I hope that happens for someone somewhere at some point. However, for the rest of the world, that’s not the case.  Like any skill, the first time we try it’s awkward, we make mistakes, and we probably don’t achieve our goal.  Or we only achieve a partial victory.  You get my drift.  It takes practice. Perhaps a lifetime of practice.  😉  Just like an athlete we have to learn the basics, get in shape, learn our particular style, our good points and things we need to work on, etc.  Plus we should try to strive to be better each time, learn from our mistakes, and always seek to keep learning.

Which makes something so potentially fun sound like a lot of work.  Sorry about that.  It should be fun, fun, FUN.  Remember that.  Meanwhile, working the Akashics uses all the same principles.  Don’t assume that you’ll be a savant the first time out.  Allow yourself the concept that you will be awkward, that it’s all a learning experience, that you will need to become spiritually fit, that you don’t have all the answers and will have new experiences and much to learn.  It will take a great deal of practice to become proficient and then you’ll have to decide whether you want to be an athlete with it or not.  And meanwhile, you will have your own style, will need to figure out your good points and things you need to work on, etc.  Set your expectations accordingly.  Oh yeah, and it should be fun, fun, FUN!